latin amarican critics’ award for european films – crafting a flavor for European cinema in Latin America

The LATIN AMERICAN CRITICS AWARD programme opens doors for the Latin American film industry and cinephiles to contemporary cinema from Europe.

A jury of 34 renowned film critics and journalists from 13 Latin American countries screens a selection of fresh European festival hits and selects three best-loved ones. The three finalists get promoted internationally via social media and numerous press activities. The winning film is announced at a festive ceremony at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico.

The initiative wants to spur the awareness of European films in Latin America, while recognizing the invaluable role of film criticis and journalists in promoting arthouse cinema.

how to participate

The programme is open for European films which:

  • have screened in 2023 at Karlovy Vary, Sarajevo, Locarno, Venice, Toronto, San Sebastian, IDFA, Leipzig, Thessaloniki, Tallinn; or in 2024 at Sundance, Rotterdam, Berlin, CPH:Dox, HotDocs Toronto, Annecy
  • have won “Best Film” at national film awards and the feature-length national Oscar entry in 2023 (world premiere in 2023), or are EFA-shortlisted for 2023 or Oscar-shortlisted in 2024

Interested parties whose films meet the criteria, please contact your national EFP representative by mid-March 2024.

Each EFP member country is entitled to nominate one film. The final list of nominees will be announced beginning of June.