Dead Girls Dancing by Anna Roller

DEAD GIRLS DANCING by Anna Roller, Germany (Totem Films)

totem films and pulsar content to receive fss backing for tribeca

Two world premieres from women directors, selected for the Tribeca Film Festival (7-18 June 2023) in the International Narrative Competition will be getting a promotional push with EFP’s Film Sales Support (FSS).

Recipient world sales company Totem Films represents and sells Dead Girls Dancing (Germany 2023), director Anna Roller’s deput feature film, a road-trip movie of 3 female high-school graduates who experiment with a new-found freedom. Roller was part of EFP’s Future Frames project in Karlovy Vary in 2019 with her short film, The Last Children of Paradise.

Pulsar Content is receiving FSS backing for Marinette (France 2023) by Virginei Verrier about soccer legend Pichon, the first French player to have a career in the US. Marinette’s success in sport fuels her desire to make a difference in the recognition of French women’s soccer, homosexuality, and equal opportunities.

FSS is a financial support for European world sales companies to enhance promotional campaigns for the sales of European films to countries outside of Europe. The pan-European scheme is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA since 2004.

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