Press public call acfm 2022

public call for fss at the asian content & film market 2022

EFP (European Film Promotion) is issuing a public call for FSS Classic and FSS Digital for the submission of classic and/or digital promotion and sales activities of recent European films to buyers and distributors in countries outside of Europe at the Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 (8-11 October). Note: As the ACFM will also be offering an online version, sales agents not travelling to Busan wishing to access FSS, must register with the market online.

Application deadline
Please submit applications via https://application.efp-online...
by 16 September 2022 at the latest

Who may submit?

What is covered by FSS?

  • Costs/investments for digital and physical promotion and marketing campaigns targeting buyers outside of Europe. Applications may include a maximum of 5 European films available for South Korea and the rest of Asia

What is not covered by FSS?

  • Travel and hotel cost for attendance on site

Which films are eligible?

  • Recent films which have an original copyright established in 2021/2022
  • Majority-produced European films with a minimum length of 60' and an origin of country which is part of Creative Europe Media and part of FSS Guidelines
  • Fiction films, animation films and documentaries (feature length)

How much is available?

  • An investment of up to 50% of the total costs and up to EUR 5,000 per campaign for an overall spend of EUR 10,000

support for films from switzerland

EFP additionally offers FSS for the promotion of films from Switzerland outside of Europe thanks to international measures by the Federal Office of Culture, Media Desk Suisse and SWISS FILMS. An application for films from Switzerland has to submitted separately from an application for European films via the usual online application system. Gender balance, diversity & inclusion and sustainability are important for EFP. Therefore, we highly welcome and encourage promotion campaigns that respect the environment as well as the diversity of filmmakers and story lines (see new call for FSS Inclusion) Important Information
As EFP is still in the process of applying to Creative Europe MEDIA for FSS 2022-24, individual grant confirmations and disbursements are subject to the signing of the contract between EFP and Creative Europe MEDIA at the end of 2022. This means that all costs part of the FSS application to EFP are undertaken at the world companies own risk with no claim to EFP should funding not become available from the European Commission.

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