Public Call Fantastic Fest 24

Public Call for Film Sales Support at the Fantastic Fest 2024

EFP (European Film Promotion) is issuing a public call for Film Sales Support for the submission of physical and digital promotion campaigns of recent European films to buyers and distributors in countries outside of Europe at the Fantastic Fest, Austin, TX (19-26 Spetember 2024).

Please submit applications via

Application deadline: 05 September 2024

Who may submit?

  • European world sales companies registered in the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal of the European Commission and approved by the respective European film promotion institute

What is covered by FSS?

  • Costs/investments for digital and physical promotion and marketing campaigns targeting buyers outside of Europe

What is not covered by FSS?

  • Travel and hotel costs for attendance on site

Which films are eligible?

  • Recent finished films which have an original copyright established in 2024
  • Majority-produced European films with a minimum length of 60' and a country of origin which is part of Creative Europe Media and part of the FSS Guidelines
  • Fiction films, animation films and documentaries (feature length)
  • Films must be selected in the festival (in any section)
  • Should sales companies have 2 films selected in the festival, they may include these 2 films in the application

How much is available?

  • An investment of up to 50% of the total costs up to a maximum of EUR 5,000 per campaign for an overall spend of EUR 10,000
  • A Top Up Grant of up to €500 per application, in addition to the general FSS funding, is granted for the promotion of films that depict gender balance, equity and inclusion at ALL film festivals and markets. To find out if your film is eligible for inclusion in the FSS, please click here: Support Criteria for Top Up Grant Inclusion The final selection is made by EFP on the basis of the criteria checklist in accordance with the respective national film promotion institutes.

Please also read the FSS guidelines carefully for more details.

Support for films from Switzerland
EFP additionally offers FSS for the promotion of films from Switzerland outside of Europe thanks to the international measures by the Federal Office of Culture, Media Desk Suisse and SWISS FILMS.

An application for films from Switzerland has to be submitted separately from an application for European films via the usual online application system.

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