POM24 Call

looking for europe's most promising up-and-coming international producers for the 25th anniversary edition of producers on the move

The highly acclaimed and well-known programme PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE, which is financially supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe – Media Programme and the participating European national film promotion institutes (EFP’s member organisations), is open again to 20 producers from 20 different European countries.

The nomination of each national participant is made by the respective national EFP member organisation. The final selection of the 20 participants is based on a points system which takes such criteria into account as having experience with at least one international co-production, having had films at major international film festivals, or distribution of films outside the (co-)production country(ies), among other things.

EFP’s PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE programme will be hybrid again and consists of a three-day online pre-festival (30 April – 2 May) and on-site networking events during the Cannes Film Festival (18 – 22 May).

The producers pass through a rigorous selection process which sees those producers chosen for the final line-up then benefitting from the packed programme of activities.They will take part in project pitching, 1:1 meetings and case studies, social events and an extensive promotion campaign which includes an online presentation and being featured in the international trades.

Each year, 20 promising, up-and-coming producers from throughout Europe are selected to participate in PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE – 501 over the past 24 years. The goal of the initiative is to connect young, enterprising European producers with potential co-production partners, bolster their industry networks and, at the same time, provide a solid and visible platform for this next generation of European filmmakers.

Producers interested in participating in PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2024 should contact their national film promotion institutes (EFP’s members organisations). The final selection process starts right after the Berlin International Film Festival.

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