EFP green mission statement

At EFP, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of promoting European films and talents while reducing our impact on the environment, contributing to the European Green Deal principles.

  • We are committed to track and evaluate our environmental performance and set targets to reduce our carbon footprint and make eco-friendly adjustments of existing programmes.
  • EFP will work on exploring alternative methods for promoting films that are more environmentally friendly.
  • We will increase awareness and offer education opportunities for all members of our organisation to offer the knowledge and skills that are necessary to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • We will publish an annual climate report detailing our progress towards our environmental goals.
  • We understand that this is a long-term commitment, and we will continue to strengthen sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

The dialogue with our partners, our member organisations, the festivals and participants of our events is essential for all decisions. Only together can we achieve sustainable changes.