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Franz Rogowski danced professionally before being cast by Jakob Lass in FRONTALWATTE and LOVE STEAKS (Best Actor, 2013 Munich Film Festival). In 2015, he joined the Münchner Kammerspiele theatre, and at the same time, solidified his on-screen credentials with leading roles in Sebastian Schipper's? award-winning VICTORIA and Jan Henrik Stahlberg?'s FIKKEFUCHS as well as in supporting roles for Michael Haneke and Terrence Malick. His collaboration with director Daniel Wild, LUX - KRIEGER DES LICHTS (LUX - Warrior of Light) has been released in Germany on January 4, 2018. Most recently, he has lead roles in TRANSIT by Christian Petzold and IN DEN GÄNGEN by Thomas Stuber both screening in the Official Competition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

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