Denmark / Sweden // REUNITED by Mira Jargil / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Poland // LESSONS OF LOVE by Małgorzata Goliszewska & Kasia Mateja / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Estonia // IMMORTAL by Ksenia Okhapkina / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Iceland // THE LAST AUTUMN by Yrsa Roca Fannberg / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Georgia // DEAD SOULS' VACATION by Keko Chelidze / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Italy // RES CREATA by Alessandro Cattaneo / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
North Macedonia // CONSUMING CONTEMPORARY by Ana Aleksovska / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Sweden // ALWAYS AMBER by Lia Hietala & Hannah Reinikainen / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs
Portugal // A PLEASURE, COMRADES! by José Filipe Costa / CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, Hot Docs


the changing face of europe 2020

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30.04 — 10.05.2020
The Changing Face of Europe @ Hot Docs in Toronto

Putting a focus on outstanding documentary productions from Europe, EFP has initiated this programme in collaboration with Hot Docs. For the third time in 2020, a dedicated section of the festival presented European filmmakers and their work.

Under the title THE CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE the showcase focuses on European diversity with films that explore and examine timely topics of urgency – immigration, populist movements, the new economic anxiety - within the landscape of contemporary Europe. The films address themes which are especially compelling for the North American public at this politically charged time. The filmmakers selected for THE CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE, will also participate in intensive and valuable industry activities, including workshops, pitches and meetings with potential buyers, all aimed at furthering their international contacts and careers, as well as offering opportunities for the sales of their films worldwide. To complement this initiative, EFP offers FILM SALES SUPPORT for world sales companies marketing European Films at Hot Docs.

The following films/directors are presented in 2020 with the support of their respective EFP member organisations:

Two Roads
Director: Radovan Síbrt
Czech Republic

production: PINK, HBO Europe

A joyful film about the cruelty of life. A cruel film about the joy of life.

Director: Mira Jargil
Denmark, Sweden

production: Moving Documentary Aps & Story AB

A family on the run ends up in three parts of the world.

Director: Ksenia Okhapkina

production: OÜ Vesilind, VFS Films

The film looks at the making of a Russian citizen from a fresh angle. The director's subtle but demanding look reveals "the system" at work in the most benign-looking situations, in any moment of the everyday.

Dead Souls' Vacation
Director: Keko Chelidze

production: Parachute Films (Georgia)

Formerly a popular musician in Georgia, Levan (45) tries to regain success while living in a 14 m2 apartment with his mother Lamara (84).

The Last Autumn
Director: Yrsa Roca Fannberg

production: Akkeri films & Biti aptan bæði

A desolate farm, pushed up against the Arctic ocean has been breeding sheep for centuries. This is the last autumn they herd their sheep down from the surrounding mountains.

Res Creata
Director: Alessandro Cattaneo

production: Zivago Film / Magestic Film

Bond, freedom and necessity in the borderline relationship between human and animal.

Consuming Contemporary
Director: Ana Aleksovska
Republic of North Macedonia

production: List Production

A group of marginalized seniors satisfy their thirst for thrill, mingling and wine by visiting all the art events of Skopje, despite the disapproval of the social elite.

Lessons of Love

production: Widok Films

„This part of life belongs to me!" says Jola, after escaping from an abusive marriage. She's letting loose with her girlfriends, finally enjoys life and suddenly finds herself thrust into a new romance at a latino dancing class. Will she embrace love for the first time in her life at the age of 69?

A Pleasure. Comrades!
Director: José Filipe Costa

production: Uma Pedra no Sapato

In 1975, they were young and came from all over Europe to work in the cooperatives of a Portugal in the throes of revolution.

Always Amber
Director: Lia Hietala, Hannah Reinikainen

production: Story AB

Amber belongs to a queer generation which no longer wants society to dictate their identity. The teenagers proudly inhabit a spectrum of fluid identities and master their first loves and losses.


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