Austria // TOPFPALMEN by Rosa Friedrich
Czech Republic // ANATOMY OF A CZECH AFTERNOON by Adam Martinec
Denmark // CROCODILE TEARS by Kristian Haskjold
Germany // LYCHEN 92 by Constanze Klaue
Greece // SAD GIRL WEEKEND by Dimitris Tsakaleas and Lida Vartzioti
Iceland // DALIA by Brusi Olason
Poland // THE DRESS by Tadeusz Lysiak
Slovak Republic // OUT OF PURE CONSCIENCE by Matúš Ryšan
Spain // DIY SEX by Maria Lorente, Mariona Vazquez, Juno Alvarez, Yaiza de Lamo
Sweden // TO DISCHARGE by Amanda Adele Bjoerk



Getting Started at KVIFF

03.07.2016 - On the invitation of European Film Promotion (EFP) and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF), ten European film students and graduates …

Young Filmmakers on the Rise

26.04.2016 - FUTURE FRAMES – European Film Promotion’s cooperation with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (July 1 – 9, 2016) presenting the ten …


Nora Goldstein

Cornelia Klimkeit

29.06 — 08.07.2020
FUTURE FRAMES, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

EFP FUTURE FRAMES – Generation NEXT of European Cinema annually presents ten outstanding young directors from Europe with their latest work at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) in the Czech Republic. Well known as a hub for young cinema - and an important forum for the film industry and press, KVIFF is regarded as one of the key international industry events.

This year, the promising European film students and graduates are presented in a hybrid version of the programme - an industry focussed online event and an on sight presentation at the Festival in the Czech Republic.

EFP FUTURE FRAMES – Generation NEXT of European Cinema highlights new European cinema and the promising young directing talent behind it. Recommended by the EFP member organisations and selected by the artistic team of KVIFF, the ten outstanding film students and graduates from schools throughout Europe take part in a three-day tailor-made programme to further and ease their way into the international film scene with support by extensive press coverage. Apart from presenting and discussing their films with the very welcoming KVIFF audience, the young professionals also take part in an exclusive masterclass with an internationally renowned filmmaker and have industry meetings with festival programmers, world sales agents, producers, film funders and other important industry members.

How to become part of EFP FUTURE FRAMES – Generation NEXT of European Cinema next year...

• The programme is open to students/graduates of film schools (2020/21) and their graduate films
• Your film has to be produced in 2021 or 2022 and must have premiered after August 1, 2021
• Your film is a short or medium-length production (up to 60 minutes)
• Your film is a Czech premiere
• You have time to be present at KVIFF 2022

If you and your film fulfil these criteria, please contact your national EFP-representative to apply for EFP FUTURE FRAMES – Generation NEXT of European Cinema before end of January 2022.

Here is the selection for EFP FUTURE FRAMES 2020

Potted Palm Trees
Director: Rosa Friedrich

AFC - Austrian Films

Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon
Director: Adam Martinec
Czech Republic

Czech Film Center

Lychen 92
Director: Constanze Klaue

German Films

Director: Brúsi Ólason

Icelandic Film Centre

The Dress
Director: Tadeusz Łysiak

Polish Film Institute

Out of Pure Conscience
Director: Matúš Ryšan
Slovak Republic

Slovak Film Institute

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FUTURE FRAMES is financially supported by the participating EFP member organisations.

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