EUROPE! Goes Busan - THE DIG by Ryan & Andy Tohill
EUROPE! Goes Busan - WE by Rene Eller
EUROPE! Goes Busan - Float Like a Butterfly by Carmel Winters
EUROPE! Goes Busan - LET ME FALL by Baldvin Z.
EUROPE! Goes Busan - Breathing into Marble by Giedrė Beinoriuté
EUROPE! Goes Busan - THE TOWER by Mats Grorud
EUROPE! Goes Busan - THE DEVIL OUTSIDE by Andrew Hulme


Warm Welcome for European Film Artists

09.10.2018 - Festival director Jay Jeon personally welcomed the artistic delegation of EUROPE! GOES BUSAN at BIFF. With the support of EFP’s (European Film …

EUROPE! GOES BUSAN Kicking Off a Fresh Start with a Strong European Presence and New Programmes

21.09.2018 - EFP (European Film Promotion) is delighted to announce that, in its 21st edition, EUROPE! GOES BUSAN will be taking on a new quality.

Wonderful Welcome for European Film Artists

14.10.2017 - Floating on waves of applause from the enthusiastic Korean audience the artistic delegation of EUROPE! Goes Busan steps onto grand festival stage in …

Unwavering Interest in the Asian Film Market

05.10.2017 - Creating a strong presence for European films and their sales companies at Busan’s Asian Film Market (Oct. 14 – 17) has been one of EFP’s …


Jo Mühlberger
Project Director

03.10 — 09.10.2019
EUROPE! goes Busan

Promoting European films and its talent to Asia's unique public and growing industry is one of the pioneering initiatives of EFP (European Film Promotion).

Every year, European directors and actors are being welcomed to South Korea's major film event, the Busan International Film Festival (3 — 12 October, 2019), to present their films and to engage with enthusiastic Korean audiences and meet with key Asian and international industry players.
EUROPE! goes Busan shines a light on the spirit and the diversity of European cinema.

Paying heed to the industry aspect of the festival, EFP extended its focus to the Asian Film Market (5 — 8 October, 2019) in 2006, by creating a business hub for European world sales companies, the annual EUROPEAN UMBRELLA.

In alliance with FILM SALES SUPPORT, dedicated towards the promotion and marketing of European films, EUROPE! goes Busan has increased the number of sales to Asia significantly.

The following film artists presented their films at the Busan IFF 2018 with the support of their respective EFP member organisations (sorted by country):

Good Day's Work* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Turkey)
Martin Turk (director) and Jovan Marjanovic (producer)
Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Cutterhead (Denmark)
Rasmus Kloster Bro (director)

Danish Film Institute

The Little Comrade* (Estonia)
Moonika Siimets (director) and Riina Sildos (producer)

Estonian Film Institute

Swimming* (Germany)
Luzie Loose (director), Lennart Lenzing (producer) and Philipp Raube (producer)

German Films

Let Me Fall (Iceland, Finland, Germany)
Baldvin Z. (director) and Julius Kemp (producer)

Icelandic Film Centre

Mihkel (Iceland, Norway, Estonia)
Ari Alexander Magnusson (director)

Icelandic Film Centre

Float Like a Butterfly (Ireland)
Carmel Winters (director)

Screen Ireland

Breathing into Marble (Lithuania, Latvia Croatia)
Giedrė Beinoriuté (director) and Dagne Vildziunaite (producer)

Lithuanian Film Centre

We (The Netherlands)
Rene Eller (director)

Eye International (The Netherlands)

The Tower (Norway, Sweden, France)
Mats Grorud (director) and Frode Sobstad (producer)

Norwegian Film Institute

The Witch Hunters (Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
Rasko Miljkovic (director)

Film Center Serbia

The Cellar (Slovakia, Czech Repubklic, Russia)
Igor Voloshin (director), Olga Simonova (actress) and Livia Filusova (producer)

Slovak Film Institute

Distances* (Spain)
Elena Trapé (director) and Miki Esparbé (actor)

Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales / ICAA (Spain)

Gordon & Paddy (Sweden)
Linda Hambäck (director)

Swedish Film Institute

Jimmie (Sweden)
Hedvig Lundgren (producer)

Swedish Film Institute

The Image Book (Switzerland, France)
Fabrice Aragno (producer)


Urgent* (Switzerland, Morocco)
Mohcine Besri (director) and Lamia Chraibi (producer)


The Devil Outside* (United Kingdom)
Andrew Hulme (director)

British Council

The Dig (United Kingdom, Ireland)
Stuart Drennan (writer)

British Council

* in Flash Forward Audience Award Competition

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