EUROPE! Goes Busan - LIFE GUIDANCE by Ruth Mader
EUROPE! Goes Busan - BITTER FLOWERS by Olivier Meys
EUROPE! Goes Busan - GOLIATH by Dominik Locher
EUROPE! Goes Busan - LITTLE CRUSADER by Václav Kadrnka
EUROPE! Goes Busan - A FREE MAN by Andreas Hartmann
EUROPE! Goes Busan - SUMMER 1993 by Carla Simón
EUROPE! Goes Busan - TOM OF FINLAND by Dome Karukoski
EUROPE! Goes Busan - THE NOTHING FACTORY by Pedro Pinho
EUROPE! Goes Busan - RAVENS by Jens Assur
EUROPE! Goes Busan - GOD'S OWN COUNTRY by Francis Lee


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Jo Mühlberger
Project Director

04.10 — 14.10.2018
EUROPE! goes Busan

Promoting European films and its talent to Asia's unique public and growing industry is one of the pioneering initiatives of EFP (European Film Promotion).

Every year, European directors and actors are being welcomed to South Korea's major film event, the Busan International Film Festival (October 4 — 13, 2018), to present their films and to engage with enthusiastic Korean audiences and meet with key Asian and international industry players.
EUROPE! goes Busan shines a light on the spirit and the diversity of European cinema.

Paying heed to the industry aspect of the festival, EFP extended its focus to the Asian Film Market (October 6 — 9, 2018) in 2006, by creating a business hub for European world sales companies, the annual EUROPEAN UMBRELLA.

In alliance with FILM SALES SUPPORT, dedicated towards the promotion and marketing of European films, EUROPE! goes Busan has increased the number of sales to Asia significantly.

The following film artists presented their films at the Busan IFF 2017 with the support of their respective EFP member organisations:

BITTER FLOWERS (Belgium, Switzerland, France) *
Olivier Meys (director) Valérie Bournonville (producer)

EFP member organisation: Wallonie Bruxelles Images

Production Company: Tarantula

A FREE MAN (Germany, Japan)
Andreas Hartmann (director), Florian Marquardt (Sound)

EFP member organisation: German Films

Rights holder: Andreas Hartmann

GOD'S OWN COUNTRY (United Kingdom)
Jack Tarling (producer)

EFP member organisation: British Council

Production company: Shudder Films
World sales company: Protagonist Pictures

GOLIATH (Switzerland) *
Dominik Locher (director), Rajko Jazbec (producer), Dario Schoch (producer)

EFP member organisation: Swiss Films

World sales company: Wide

Ruth Mader (director)

EFP member organisation: AFC – Austrian Films

World sales company: Picture Tree International GmbH (Yuanyuan Rothbauer)

LITTLE CRUSADER (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy)
Václav Kadrnka (director), Karel Roden (actor)

EFP member organisation: Czech Film Center

Rights holder: Václav Kadrnka

José Smith Vargas (actor)

EFP member organisation: Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual I.P. / ICA

Production company: Terratreme Filmes
World sales company: Memento Films

RAVENS (Sweden)
Jens Assur (director)

EFP member organisation: Swedish Film Institute

World sales company: Celluloid Dreams

SUMMER 1993 (Spain)
Carla Simón (director)

EFP member organisation: Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales / ICAA (Spain)

World sales company: New Europe Film Sales

TOM OF FINLAND (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany)
Jessica Grabowsky (actress)

EFP member organisation: Finnish Film Foundation

Production company: Helsinki-filmi
World sales company: Protagonist Pictures
South-Korean distributor: Rainbow Factory

* in Flash Forward Audience Award Competition

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