Czech Republic // JOURNEY TO ROME by Tomasz Mielnik, produced by Mikulas Novotny (Background Films)
Bulgaria // CAT IN THE WALL by Mina Mileva Vesela Kazakova, produced by Vesela Kazakova (Activist38)
Croatia // DARK MOTHER EARTH (in financing) by Rok Biek, co-produced by Danijel Pek (Antitalent)
Denmark // FLEE (in post-production) by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, produced by Monica Hellstroem (Final Cut)
Estonia // DARK PARADISE by Triin Ruumet, produced by Elina Litvinova (Three Brothers)
France // FIRE WILL COME by Oliver Laxe, produced by Andrea Queralt (4A4 Productions)
Finland // LAKE BODOM by Taneli Mustonen, produced by Aleksi Hyvaerinen (Don Films)
Germany // ANOTHER REALITY by Noel Dernesch, Olli Waldhauer, produced by Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer (Elemag Pictures)
Ireland // RIALTO by Peter Mackie Burns, produced by John Wallace (Cowtown Pictures)
Italy // SOLE by Carlo Sironi, produced by Giovanni Pompili (Kino Produzioni)
Kosovo // EXILE by Visar Morina, co-produced by Yll Uka (Ikone Studio / Komplizen_Film)
Lithuania // SUMMER SURVIVORS by Marija Kavtaradze, produced by Marija Razgute (M-Films)
Norway // THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN by Elle-Maija Tailfethers & Katheleen Hepburn, produced by Alan R. Milligan (Tannhauser Gate)
Poland // DOLCE FINE GIORNATA by Jacek Borcuch, produced by Marta Habior (No Sugar Films)
Portugal // COLOR OUT OF SPACE by Richard Stanley, co-produced by Mario Patrocinio (BRO Cinema)
Spain // The Endless Trench by Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goenaga, produced by Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo (La Claqueta)
Sweden // THE EX-WIFE by Katja Wik, produced by Marie Kjellson (Kjellson & Wik (K&W))
Switzerland // YALDA A NIGHT FOR FORGIVENESS by Massoud Bakhshi, co-produced by Flavia Zanon (Close Up Film)
United Kingdom // THEEB by Naji Abu Nowar, produced by Rupert Lloyd (Noor Pictures)

Each year, 20 promising, up-and-coming producers from throughout Europe are selected to participate in PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE - 444 over the last 21 years. The initiative is aimed at connecting young, enterprising European producers with potential co-production partners, strengthening their industry networks and, at the same time, providing a solid and visible platform for this next generation of European filmmakers. The producers go through a rigorous selection process which places the top contenders in a tightly focused working environment. They take part in project pitching, 1:1 meetings and case studies, social events and an extensive promotion campaign, which includes online presentation and an introduction in the international trades.

Criteria for participation:

The programme is open to 20 producers from 20 different European countries.

The nomination of each national participant is made by the respective national EFP member organisation.

The final selection of the 20 participants is based on a point system which considers the following criteria:

  • the producer's experience in an international co-production (at least one international co-production) is a pre-requisite. The selection process favours producers who have been majority producers.
    If candidates were the majority producers in more than three international co-productions, they, unfortunately, are too experienced for PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE

  • the producer's feature length film(s) have had a theatrical release and /or a VoD release outside of the production countries involved

  • the producer has had a feature length film screened in the international section at a major festival

  • the producer's feature length film was awarded Best Film in the producer's home country ie recipient of a national film award

  • the producer has a strong project suitable for an international co-production

If you are interested in participating in Producers on the Move 2021, please contact your national EFP member organsiation in February.


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PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE is co-financed by the participating EFP member organisations.


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