°efp casts a spotlight on european cinema at tiff 2023

29.08.2023 - European Film Promotion (EFP) is delighted to be able to put a spotlight on 18 European titles among a long list of outstanding European films that …

public call for fss at the tokyo iff and the afm 2023

10.08.2023 - EFP (European Film Promotion) is issuing a public call for Film Sales Support for the submission of classic and digital promotion campaigns of recent …

public call for fss at the acfm 2023

17.07.2023 - EFP (European Film Promotion) is issuing a public call for Film Sales Support for the submission of classic and digital promotion campaigns of recent …


Susanne Davis
Head of FSS

Cornelia Klimkeit

05.09 — 15.09.2019
Toronto International Film Festival
Film Sales Support deadline: 8 August
05.10 — 08.10.2019
Asian Film Market
Film Sales Support deadline: 3 September
06.11 — 13.11.2019
American Film Market
Film Sales Support deadline: 26 September
28.10 — 05.11.2019
Tokyo International Film Festival
Film Sales Support deadline: 30 September
23.01 — 02.02.2020
Sundance Film Festival
Film Sales Support deadline: 12 December


Film Sales Support has two strands which include different options for digital promotion:

1) FSS Classic
for the physical promotion, combined with digital elements, of films at the 9 selected film festivals and markets outside of Europe (see list below).

2a) FSS Digital
for the purely digital promotion of films at the 9 selected international film festivals and markets outside of Europe which offer a hybrid version*, and at the online versions of 2 markets inside of Europe, the European Film Market (EFM) and the Marché du Film.

2b) NEW: FSS Digital Plus
for the purely digital promotion of films at additional hybrid film festivals* (inside and outside of Europe) with an international industry and outward reach

2c) NEW: FSS Inclusion
a pilot for the purely digital promotion of films depicting gender balance, equity and inclusion at the 6 selected international film festivals outside of Europe and at additional specialised film festivals outside of Europe with an international industry as well as at the 5 selected markets inside and outside of Europe (see list below).

How much is available for FSS Inclusion?
An investment of up to 50% of the total costs up to a maximum of EUR 5,000 per campaign for an overall spend of EUR 10,000

Support Criteria for FSS Inclusion

To be eligible, films need to qualify by meeting points of three of the below criteria
1. Lead Character(s)
At least one of the lead characters are from marginalised group(s).
Marginalised relates to:
- Gender/Gender identity
- Disability
- Race
- Ethnicity
- Skin colour, colorism
- Religion
- Belief
- Sexuality
- Socioeconomic and sociocultural background (reduced opportunities due to their level of income and/or education)
- non-mainstream (body weight, height)
2. Other Characters
meeting one or more of the following: s. above point 1
3. Director
- Gender identity
- Sex
- Disability
- Further information (see point 1.) if voluntarily provided by the director
4. Main storyline/subject matter
- Main storyline(s), theme or narrative of the film is about marginalised group(s) or
- focuses on the following, for example gender, ethnic, racial, skin colour, religion
- harassment, disability, abuse, discrimination, patriarchy
5. Other storylines / subject matters
- There are other elements of the storyline(s) or subject matter that are about marginalised group(s)
- Language, etc.
6. Location
- The setting is wholly or partially in a marginalised country or region
- Further Criteria (please describe)

*hybrid means that the festival offers an essential online part: online accreditations that allow international buyers to participate in the festival if they cannot attend in person, online market screenings and/or online panels

how to apply ?

Applications must be made electronically via the EFP digital application system. Application deadlines are determined by EFP; they are set two (festivals), respectively three weeks (markets) before the start of the respective film festival or market. Calls for submissions are published 2 months prior to the respective deadline.

how are applications selected ?

Applications are selected following a thorough evaluation of the promotion campaign by EFP and the respective national film promotion institute.

which films are eligible ?

Eligible to benefit from FSS are sales campaigns for recent finished and unfinished European fiction films, animated films or documentaries with a minimum duration of 60 minutes participating in the selected film festivals, at additional (specialised) film festivals and at the chosen markets.

Recent films, refers to the original copyright of a film which must not be older than 1 year before the respective year in which applications are being made.
Unfinished films means that films are in production or post-production. EFP defines a film as finished when the original national version of the film is finished and available for the premiere at a national film festival or for a national release.

Films must not have been sold to the territory in which the respective festival or market outside of Europe takes place (not applicable for festivals or markets inside of Europe with an international reach)

Films may be part of any section of the festivals and do not have to have a market premiere at the respective market.

Applications for markets may include packages of up to five European films including unfinished films.
Finished films can only be submitted once. Unfinished films may receive FSS support for a second time for a different promotion campaign as soon as they are finished AND selected for a FILM FESTIVAL.

Films must be destined for exploitation in cinemas, on TV or VoD.

Films have to be majority produced by a producer or producers established in the countries participating in Creative Europe – MEDIA and have to have been made with a significant participation by professionals who are citizens/residents of the countries participating in Creative Europe – MEDIA. Significant participation is defined as 10 or more points under the following scheme. In case of documentaries or animated films that do not have all of the components (for example actors etc.) and where the total is therefore less than 19, films need to achieve more than half of the points of the maximum total.

Actor 12
Actor 22
Actor 32
Production Design / Art Direction1
Director of Photography1
Shooting Location1
Total 19

>> download form of point system here

Excluded are films consisting of advertising or containing pornographic or racist material as well as those advocating violence.

who is eligible?

World sales companies based in the European Union and in countries participating in Creative Europe - MEDIA which are registered with the Funding & Tender Portal of the European Commission and approved by the respective national film promotion institute.
They must be:

  • nationally registered sales companies
  • rights holders of world-wide rights for respective films acting on behalf of the producer
  • representatives and promoters of respective films at international film festivals and markets
  • experts on the film-making process (understand all aspects involved in making a film, from script to finance to post-production)
  • networkers (establish relationships with festival programmers and potential buyers)
  • negotiators (negotiate conditions, knowledge of drawing up contracts and of licensing and copyright)
  • marketing experts (understand and predict the market both globally and within individual countries, assemble and organise the delivery of any physical film material, involvement in developing the marketing plan, have an understanding of digital marketing and social media)

which contractual obligations need to be fulfilled?

In the case of financial support, world sales companies have to meet certain obligations (to follow upon signature of contract with Creative Europe MEDIA)

which countries are eligible?

Albania*, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina*, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia*, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro*, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia*, Romania, Serbia*, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the Ukraine.

*subject to the signature of the AVMSD in time unless they have been given new deadlines

Films which are majority produced by countries which are candidates to join the European Union are only eligible for FSS subject to the coming into force of their country's participation in Creative Europe – MEDIA and subject to EFP admitting a member organisation from the respective country. The same applies to the country of origin of the world sales company.

In the case of the Ukraine, although EFP does not have a member institute from the Ukraine, EFP will jointly evaluate the applications for Ukrainian films by eligible sales companies together with the Ukrainian Institute which has access to information on funding in relation to the promotion spend of the respective film.

promotion at which events?

1. Toronto International Film Festival (Canada)
2. Canadian International Documentary Festival, Hot Docs (Canada)
3. Sundance Film Festival (USA)
4. Tribeca Film Festival (USA)
5. South by Southwest Film Festival (USA)
6. Tokyo International Film Festival (Japan)

1. Asian Contents & Film Market (South Korea)
2. Hong Kong Film & TV Market (China)
3. American Film Market, AFM (USA)
4. Ventana Sur (Argentina)
5. European Film Market, EFM (Germany)*
6. Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival (France)*

*FSS for the EFM and the Marché du Cannes is only available for the online versions. These two markets with their prestigious labels have an international reach and give the sales agents more opportunities to target buyers outside of Europe.

Further festivals and specialised film festivals if they offer an online version (inside and outside of Europe)
These festivals will be established following applications under FSS Digital Plus, for example San Sebastían International Film Festival (Spain), Slamdance Film Festival (USA), Rio International Film Festival (Brazil), Shanghai International Film Festival (China), Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico), Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan) etc. and FSS Inclusion, for example BlackStar Film Festival (USA), Frameline (San Francisco, USA), OUTFEST (LA, USA), New Fest (NY, USA), imagineNATIVE (Toronto, Canada), Out On Screen (Toronto, Canada), Inside Out (Toronto, Canada) etc. 

which promotional costs are eligible?

The budget of the application must include costs for a substantial amount of digital promotional activities at the respective festival or market and involve innovative measures with an added value.

  • hiring of a publicist/marketing agency
  • social media campaigns
  • targeted mailings to overseas buyers
  • additional digital approaches/special features such as digital strategies on the internet (Youtube, blogs, True View, video seeding, etc.)
  • production of trailers and promo reels
  • production of (digital) flyers, (motion) posters, brochures, press kit (in the respective language of countries), screeners, clips, special videos from film set, digital pitches by the director, EPK
  • placement of a digital or physical ad in the trades or online industry databases
  • subtitling/translations into non-English languages
  • booking of market physical/online screenings
  • satellite screenings for buyers by respective festivals in countries outside of Europe
  • booking of screenings for international press before the respective festival
  • creation of online screening rooms for buyers
  • digital pitches (directors introducing their films)
  • interpreter for interviews (press)
  • other measures (to be specified by applicant), also for unfinished films in production or postproduction
  • plans for activities out of the ordinary/production of film-related gadgets
  • percentage for promotional work done in-house by the applying sales company (only for FSS Inclusion)

    NOT accepted: clearance of rights (music, images etc.)

how much is available per campaign?

up to €8,000

  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Sundance Film Festival

up to €5,000

  • Tokyo International Film Festival
  • South by Southwest 
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • HotDocs, Canadian International Documentary Festival
  • for any additional film festival inside and outside of Europe

Markets (packages of up to five films possible)
up to €5,000

  • Asian Contents & Film Market, ACFM Busan
  • American Film Market, AFM
  • Ventana Sur (only for measures which are not already co-funded by Creative Europe – MEDIA are eligible)
  • Hong Kong International Film & TV Market, FILMART
  • European Film Market (EFM) only online version
  • Marché du Film Cannes only online version

Maximum total grants for a number of applications per company: €30,000 between July 2022 and June 2023 and July 2023 and June 2024 respectively

remittance of FSS and eligibility of costs

FSS is transferred after the respective festival or market and after proof has been given that all eligible costs have been duly paid. Proof of expenses and payment of invoices (by signature) have to be presented to EFP within one month after the end of the respective festival or market.

EFP requires copies of all paid invoices of the costs incurred by the sales company. The actual FSS grants paid to the sales companies will be published on EFP's website.

Costs documented via invoices are eligible in the period 2 months prior to and 2 months after the date of the FSS confirmation letter to the sales company. If the sales company spends more than calculated, the confirmed and reserved FSS grant will not increase. If the company spends less than calculated, the grant is adjusted accordingly.

FSS may not exceed 50 per cent of the total costs incurred by the world sales company on each campaign.

support for films from switzerland

EFP additionally offers FSS for the promotion of films from Switzerland outside of Europe thanks to new international measures by the Federal Office of Culture, Media Desk Suisse and SWISS FILMS. This support has been confirmed and takes immediate effect.

Note: Applications for films from Switzerland must be submitted separately from applications for European films via the application system.

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