FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – A JAR FULL OF LIFE by Florian Ross
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – IN BLUE by Jaap van Heusden
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – MARIO by Marcel Gisler
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – COUCH POTATOES by Francesca Archibugi
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – GASPARD AT THE WEDDING by Antony Cordier
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – L'ANIMALE by Katharina Mückstein
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – IMPERFECT AGE by Ulisse Lendaro
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – INVISIBLE BOY - SECOND GENERATION by Gabriele Salvatores
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – MUG by Malgoska Szumowska
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – IVAN by Janez Burger
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – LOVERS by Matteo Vicino
FSS for FILMART, Hong Kong – THE ROYAL EXCHANGE by Marc Dugain


Peaking demand for Film Sales Support at Hong Kong’s FILMART – EUROPE! UMBRELLA expanded

13.03.2018 - Most of Europe’s sales companies are heading to the FILMART, Hong Kong’s most popular market in Asia after Berlin, which kicks off on 19 March …

Sundance - Awards for European Films Boosted by Film Sales Support

31.01.2018 - This year’s Sundance Film Festival has again been a feast for a number of European films. On 28 January, four films connected to EFP via Film Sales …

EFP grants Film Sales Support for 9 European films at the Sundance Film Festival 2018

11.01.2018 - EFP (European Film Promotion) dedicates €35,000 in Film Sales Support (FSS) to the promotion and marketing of nine European films at this year’s …

EFP presents EUROPE! at the AFM

26.10.2017 - In a collective action, EFP (European Film Promotion) highlights European cinema at the upcoming American Film Market (November 1 – 8), by granting …

New guide to 93 European world sales companies associated with EFP!

09.10.2017 - To assist in this important decision, EFP (European Film Promotion) produced a unique brochure presenting profiles and contacts of 93 European sales …


Susanne Davis
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Cornelia Klimkeit


EFP (European Film Promotion) not only promotes European films and talent around the world, it also backs marketing campaigns of associated world sales companies to countries outside of Europe via FILM SALES SUPPORT (FSS).

FSS contributes towards additional promotional activities for European films, covering up to 50 percent of marketing costs (see guidelines) at selected non-European film festivals and markets. Requests for FSS must be confirmed by the respective EFP member organisation depending on the country of origin of the film.

Associated world sales companies may choose between single and slate funding. Slate funding allows for coverage of concerted campaigns at the Toronto International Film Festival and a subsequent market, such as the Asian Film Market in Busan, the AFM in Los Angeles or the FILMART in Hong Kong. FILM SALES SUPPORT is funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Please consult our FSS guidelines how to become associated to EFP.

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Support for Films from Switzerland

EFP may also offer FSS additionally for the promotion of Swiss films outside of Europe, thanks to new international measures by Federal Office of Culture, Media Desk Suisse and SWISS FILMS.

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