Producers on the Move 2017

Katarína Krnácová, Slovak Republic



Katarína Krnácová had worked on such films as Mátyás Prikler's short THANKS, FINE and feature debut FINE, THANKS as well as Mira Fornay's award-winning MY DOG KILLER and the omnibus film SLOVAKIA 2.0 before setting up her own company Silverart in 2014. She was the delegate producer for Iveta Grófová's Crystal Bear-winning LITTLE HARBOUR, and is now developing Martina Sakova's children's comedy SUMMER WITH BERNARD, Juraj Bohuš' road movie STAND UP, and a TV drama series.


Summer With Bernard, in financing
by Martina Sakova
Slovak Republic, Germany, Czech Republic

LittleHarbour, 2017
by Iveta Grofova
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic

Slovakia2.0, 2014
by 10 different directors
Slovak Republic

My Dog Killer, 2014
by Mira Fornay
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic

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