“I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS” by Radu Jude produced by Ada Solomon (PoM Romania 2011), co-produced by Janine Jackowski (PoM Germany 2009), Jiri Konecny (PoM Czech Republic 2008) © Silviu Ghetie

The 43rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 6 – 16, 2018) is presenting an exceptionally strong line-up of European films in its various sections. 53 of them feature 30 EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS (ESS) and were made with the participation of 52 PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE (PoM).

Apart from such big names as Matthias Schoenaerts, Cécile de France, George McKay, Riz Ahmed, and Alba Rohrwacher, the festival will also be hosting Moe Dunford – European Shooting Star from Ireland in 2015 – who is appearing in three films: THE DIG, a British thriller drama by first-time directors Andy and Ryan Tohill; the Irish drama ROSIE about a young family suddenly becoming homeless; and the historical drama BLACK 47 which is set during the Great Irish Famine. Tuva Novotny – European Shooting Star from Sweden in 2002 – is returning to Toronto after starring in BORG/MCENROE last year and will be switching sides to present her directorial debut BLIND SPOT. The Norwegian family drama also features Anders Baasmo Christiansen and was co-produced by Rene Ezra from Denmark.

Several Producers on the Move are associated with more than one film premiering in Toronto, such as Bernard Michaux from Luxembourg, who produced TEL AVIV ON FIRE by Sameh Zoabi – together with co-producer Patrick Quinet – and also co-produced BLACK 47 together with producer Macdara Kelleher, whom he first met during the 2008 edition of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE in Cannes and has been working with ever since. Apart from BLIND SPOT, Denmark's Rene Ezra also produced BEFORE THE FROST by Michael Noer about struggling farmers in 19th century Denmark, while Czech producer Jiri Konecny was in charge of the road trip comedy WINTER FLIES by Olmo Omerzu, as well as serving as the co-producer of the award-winning "I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS" by Radu Jude, along with the producer Ada Solomon and co-producer Janine Jackowski.

Please see the full line-up below.

In order to raise awareness of European films, EFP and its member organisations have received support from the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union to allocate €83,000 in FILM SALES SUPPORT to European world sales companies for the additional marketing and promotion costs of European films screening at TIFF as well as establishing its EUROPE! UMBRELLA at the festival's Industry Centre as a central European meeting point for everything to do with Europe.

Premieres of European Films with EFP Related Talent:

Gala Presentation

Opening film

OUTLAW KING by David Mackenzie
Featuring Jamie Sives (ESS UK 2003)

HIGH LIFE by Claire Denis
Featuring Agata Buzek (ESS Poland 2010)
Produced by Klaudia Śmieja (PoM Poland 2016)


LORO by Paolo Sorrentino
Featuring Riccardo Scamarcio (ESS Italy 2006),
Produced by Nicola Giuliano (PoM Italy 2005)

OUR TIME by Carlos Reygadas
Co-produced by Eva Jakobsen (PoM Denmark 2014), Mikkel Jersin (PoM Denmark 2016), Dan Wechsler (PoM Switzerland 2011)

THE WILD PEAR TREE by Nuri Bilge Ceylan,
Co-produced by Fabian Gasmia (Producers Lab Hamburg 2014), Labina Mitevska (ESS Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1998, PoM 2013)

TRANSIT by Christian Petzold
Featuring Franz Rogowski (ESS Germany 2018)


ANGELO by Markus Schleinzer
Featuring Alba Rohrwacher (ESS Italy 2009)
Produced by Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu (PoM Luxembourg 2003), Alexander Glehr (PoM Austria 2009)

Featuring Cécile de France (ESS France 2003)

Special Presentation

KURSK by Thomas Vinterberg
Featuring Matthias Schoenaerts (ESS Belgium 2003), August Diehl (ESS Germany 2000) and Joel Basman (ESS Switzerland 2008)

PAPI CHULO by John Butler
Produced by Rebecca O'Flanagan (PoM Ireland 2011)

TELL IT TO THE BEES by Annabel Jankel
Featuring Kate Dickie (ESS UK 2007)

VITA & VIRGINIA by Chanya Button
Produced by Katie Holly (PoM Ireland 2010)

Featuring Lucy Russell (ESS UK 2002), George McKay (ESS UK 2014)

WILD ROSE by Tom Harper
Featuring Jamie Sives (ESS UK 2003)

GIRLS OF THE SUN by Eva Husson
Produced by Didar Domehri (PoM France 2017), co-produced by Joseph Rouschop (PoM Bel-gium 2002), Vladimer Katcharava (PoM Georgia 2012), Dan Wechsler (PoM Switzerland 2011)

JULY 22 by Paul Greengrass
Featuring Anneke von der Lippe (ESS Norway 1998)

SUNSET by László Nemes,
Produced by Gabor Sipos (PoM Hungary 2009), executive produced by Judit Stalter (PoM Hungary 2012)

Featuring Riz Ahmed (ESS UK 2012)

NEVER LOOK AWAY by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Featuring Saskia Rosendahl (ESS Germany 2013), Luc Feit (ESS Luxembourg 2002)

NON-FICTION by Olivier Assayas
Featuring Christa Théret (ESS France 2013)

COLD WAR by Pawel Pawlikowski
Co-produced by Piotr Dzieciol (PoM Poland 2011),

COLETTE by Wash Westmoreland
Co-produced by Ildiko Kemeny (PoM Hungary 2001),

ROJO by by Benjamín Naishtat,
Co-produced by Marleen Slot (PoM The Netherlands 2013)


ANIARA by Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja
Produced by Annika Rogell (PoM Sweden 2015)

Produced by Martina Niland (PoM Ireland 2007)

HER JOB by Nikos Labôt
Produced by Maria Drandaki (PoM Greece 2008), co-produced by Milan Stojanović (PoM Serbia 2016)

Produced by Floor Onrust (Producers Lab Toronto, The Netherlands 2015)

PHOENIX by Camilla Strøm Henriksen
Featuring Maria Bonnevie (ESS Norway 2002), produced by Gudny Hummelvoll (PoM Norway 2004)

BLIND SPOT by Tuva Novotny (ESS Sweden 2002)
Featuring Anders Baasmo Christiansen (ESS Norway 2010),
Co-produced by Rene Ezra (PoM Denmark 2006)

WOMAN AT WAR by Benedikt Erlingsson
Co-produced by Birgitta Bjornsdottir (PoM Iceland 2018)
Featuring Hilmir Snaer Gudnason (ESS Iceland 2012)

TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG by Dominga Sotomayor
Co-produced by Stienette Bosklopper (PoM The Netherlands 2005),

AKASHA by Hajooj Kuka
Co-produced Janine Jackowski (PoM Germany 2009),

TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie
Featuring Tómas Lemarquis (ESS Iceland 2004)
Produced by Monica Lazurean-Gorgan (PoM Romania 2012), co-produced by Radovan Síbrt (PoM, Czech Republic 2018)

THE LOAD by Ognjen Glavonic
Co-produced by Ankica Juric Tilic (PoM Croatia 2009)

TEL AVIV ON FIRE by Sameh Zoabi
Featuring Lubna Azabal (ESS Belgium 2004)
Produced by Bernard Michaux (PoM Luxembourg 2008), co-produced by Patrick Quinet (PoM Belgium 2003)

THE DIG by Andy and Ryan Tohill
Featuring Moe Dunford (ESS Ireland 2015)

SAF by Ali Vatansever
Co-produced by Anamaria Antoci (PoM Romania 2016)

RAFIKI by Wanuri Kahiu
Co-produced by Reinier Selen (PoM The Netherlands 2008),

Contemporary World Cinema

BEFORE THE FROST by Michael Noer
Produced by René Ezra (PoM Denmark 2006)

LET ME FALL by Baldwin Z
Featuring Atli Óskar Fjalarsson (ESS 2016), produced by Júlíus Kemp (PoM Iceland 2001),
co-produced by Ingvar Thordarson (PoM Iceland 2006)

ONE LAST DEAL by Klaus Härö
Produced by Kai Nordberg (PoM Finland 2007)

QUIÉN TE CANTARÁ by Carlos Vermut
Featuring Natalia de Molina (ESS Spain 2015)
Produced by Marta Velasco (PoM Spain 2014)

ROSIE by Paddy Breathnach
Featuring Moe Dunford (ESS Ireland 2015)
Produced by Juliette Bonass (PoM Ireland 2015)

THAT TIME OF YEAR by Paprika Steen
Produced by Mikael Chr. Rieks (PoM Denmark 2013)

THE BLACK BOOK by Valeria Sarmiento
Featuring Lou de Laâge (ESS France 2016)

Featuring Maximilian Brückner (ESS Germany 2007)

WINTER FLIES by Olmo Omerzu
Produced by Jiri Konecny (PoM Czech Republic 2008)

CORE OF THE WORLD by Natalia Meshchaninova
Produced by Dagne Vildžiūnaitė (PoM Lithuania 2016)

BLACK 47 by Lance Daly
Featuring Moe Dunford (ESS Ireland 2015), Antonia Campbell-Huges (ESS Ireland 2012)
Produced by Macdara Kelleher (PoM Ireland 2008), associate produced by Bernard Michaux (PoM Luxembourg 2008)

Produced by Ada Solomon (PoM Romania 2011), co-produced by Janine Jackowski (PoM Germany 2009), Jiri Konecny (PoM Czech Republic 2008)

STYX by Wolfgang Fischer
Produced by Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu (PoM Luxembourg 2003)

BIRDS OF PASSAGE by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra
Co-produced by Eva Jakobsen (PoM Denmark 2014), Mikkel Jersin (PoM Denmark 2016), Dan Wechsler (PoM Switzerland 2011)


HEARTBOUND by Janus Metz & Sine Plambech
Co-produced by Frank Hoeve (PoM The Netherlands 2018)


IN MY ROOM by Ulrich Köhler
Featuring Kathrin Resetarits (ESS Austria 2006)
Co-produced Janine Jackowski (PoM Germany 2009),

Short Cuts

THOSE WHO DESIRE by Elena López Riera
Produced by David Epiney (PoM Switzerland 2012)


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