European Shooting Star Alba August stars in "Becoming Astrid", a Berlinale Special Gala

EFP (European Film Promotion) and its member organisations are delighted to announce that 37 participants of our talent platforms EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS and PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE will be presenting 27 films at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. The group of acting talents is led by this year's Shooting Star Franz Rogowski from Germany, who plays the lead in TRANSIT and IN THE AISLES – both in the Official Competition – and the 2018 Swedish Shooting Star Alba August, who is starring in BECOMING ASTRID which will have its world premiere in the Berlinale Special sidebar. Joining them are 13 former Shooting Stars, including Alba Rohrwacher, Daniel Brühl and Mateusz Kósciukiewicz, who will all appear in films screening in the Official Competition.

Quite a few of the former Producers on the Move have two productions in Berlin vying for the attention of juries and audiences alike: Undine Filter from Germany co-produced 3 DAYS IN QUIBERON and IN THE AISLES – both in the Official Competition. Meanwhile, Dan Wechsler from Switzerland was the associate producer on THE OMISSION (Panorama) and co-produced DAUGHTER OF MINE (Competition) with the Italian producer Marta Donzelli, who also produced the documentary LORELLO E BRUNELLO (Culinary Cinema). Rounding off the group with double duties is Ingmar Trost from Germany, who co-produced THE BED and THEATRE OF WAR, both world premieres in the Forum section.

Please see the line-up of films featuring EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS and PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE in the various sections of the festival below:


3 Days in Quiberon (3 Tage in Quiberon)
by Emily Atef
with Birgit Minichmayr (Shooting Star 2001, Austria)
co-producer: Undine Filter (PoM 2016, Germany)
Germany/ Austria/ France
world premiere

Daughter of Mine (Figlia mia)
by Laura Bispuri
with Alba Rohrwacher (Shooting Star 2009, Jury Shooting Stars 2013, Italy)
producer Marta Donzelli (PoM 2011, Jury Shooting Stars 2016, Italy)
co-producer Dan Wechsler (PoM 2011, PLT 2012, Switzerland)
Italy/ Germany/ Switzerland
world premiere

In the Aisles (In den Gängen)
by Thomas Stuber
with Franz Rogowski (Shooting Star 2018, Germany)
producer Jochen Laube (PoM 2013, Germany)
co-producer Undine Filter (PoM 2016, Germany)
world premiere

The Prayer (La prière)
by Cedric Kahn
delegate producer Sylvie Pialat (PoM 2007, France)
world premiere

Touch Me Not
by Adina Pintilie
with Tómas Lemarquis (Shooting Star 2004, Iceland)
delegate producer Monica Lazurean-Gorgan (PoM 2012, Romania)
Romania/ Germany/ Czech Republic/ Bulgaria/ France
world premiere- First Feature

by Christian Petzold
with Franz Rogowski (Shooting Star 2018, Germany)
Germany/ France
world premiere

Mug (Twarz)
by Malgorzata Szumowska
with Mateusz Kósciukiewicz (Shooting Star 2014, Poland)
world premiere


7 Days in Entebbe
by José Padilha
with Daniel Brühl (Shooting Star 2003, Germany)
USA/ United Kingdom
world premiere

Black 47
by Lance Daly
with Moe Dunford (Shooting Star 2015, Ireland), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Shootings Star 2012, Ireland)
producer Macdara Kelleher (PoM 2008; Irland, PLT 2012)
associate producer: Bernard Michaux (PoM 2008, Luxembourg, PLT 2010)
Ireland/ Luxembourg
world premiere


Horizon (Horizonti)
by Tinatin Kajrishvili (PoM 2014, Georgia)
Georgia/ Sweden
world premiere

by Katharina Mückstein
with Kathrin Resetarits (Shooting Star 2006; Austria)
world premiere

The Omission (La omisión)
by Sebastián Schjaer
associate producer Dan Wechsler (PoM 2011, PLT 2012, Switzerland)
Argentina/ The Netherlands/ Switzerland
world premiere


Genesis (Genezis)
by Arpád Bogdán
producer Andrea Taschler (PoM 2013, Hungary)
world premiere

by Wolfgang Fischer
Co-producer Alexander Dumreicher – Ivanceanu (PoM 2003, Luxembourg)
Germany/Austria 2018
world premiere


Lost Ones (Verlorene)
by Felix Hassenfratz
with Maria Dragus (Shooting Star 2014, Germany)
world premiere

Whatever Happens Next
by Julian Pörksen
Producer Stefan Gieren (Producers Lab Hamburg 2014)
world premiere


The Bed (La cama)
by Mónica Lairana
co-producer Ingmar Trost (PoM 2015, Germany)
Argentina/ Germany/ Netherlands/ Brazil
world premiere

by Sandro Aguilar
producer Luís Urbano (PoM 2007, Portugal)
world premiere

Theatre of War (Teatro de Guerra)
by Lola Arias
co-producer Ingmar Trost (PoM 2015, Germany)
Argentina/ Spain
world premiere


Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)
by Pernille Fischer Christensen
with Alba August (Shooting Star 2018, Sweden), Maria Bonnevie (Shooting Star 2002, Norway)
producer Anna Anthony (PoM 2001, Sweden)
Sweden/ Germany/ Denmark
world premiere

The Happy Prince
by Rupert Everett
service producer Germany Bettina Brokemper (PoM 2006, Germany)
associate producer Diana Elbaum (PoM 2001, Belgium)
Germany/ Belgium/ Italy
European premiere


Home Ground (Heimebane)
drama series, episode 1 and 2, creator Johan Fasting
with Ane Dahl Torp (Shooting Star 2006, Norway)
producer Yngve Sæther (PoM 2009, Norway)
world premiere


Kissing Candice
by Aoife McArdle
produced by Andrew Freedman (PoM 2009, Ireland)
Ireland/ United Kingdom
European premiere, documentary

by Nanouk Leopold
with Cosmina Stratan (Shooting Star 2014, Romania), Tamar van den Dop (Shooting Star 1999, The Netherlands)
producer Stienette Bosklopper (PoM 2005, The Netherlands)
co-producer by Jan van der Zanden (PoM 2002, The Netherlands)
The Netherlands/ Belgium/ Germany
world premiere


The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear (Den utrolige historie om den kaempestore paere)
by Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Naesby Fick, Jorgen Lerdam
with Jakob Oftebro (Shooting Star 2014, Norway)
Denmark, Animation
international premiere

Los Bando
by Christian Lo
co-produced by Petter Lindblad (PoM 2014, Sweden, PLT 2016, PLHH 2014)
Norway/ Sweden
international premiere, documentary

My Giraffe (Dikkertje Dap)
by Barbara Bredero
producer Leontine Petit (PoM 2006, PLT 2013, The Netherlands)
Netherlands/Belgium/ Germany
international premiere


Lorello e Brunello
by Jacopo Quadri
produced by Marta Donzelli (PoM Italy 2011)
Italy 2017
German premiere, documentary


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