EUROPEAN SHOOTING STAR 2017 Alessandro Borghi in the Italian drama FORTUNATO produced by Nicola Giuliano PRODUCER ON THE MOVE 2005
EUROPEAN SHOOTING STAR 2017 Alessandro Borghi in the Italian drama FORTUNATO produced by Nicola Giuliano PRODUCER ON THE MOVE 2005

A total of 28 former PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE and 9 EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS will present their work at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, including the Opening Film LES FANTÔMES D'ISMAËL featuring Alba Rohrwacher (European Shooting Star Italy 2009).

EFP (European Film Promotion) is a unique network of 37 European member countries who represent films and talent from their respective territories. Under the EFP flag, the members work together on initiatives to jointly promote European cinema and talent at key international film festivals and markets. EFP is financially supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and by its member organisations.


LES FANTÔMES D'ISMAËL by Arnaud Desplechin
Featuring Alba Rohrwacher (Shooting Star Italy 2009)

120 BATTEMENTS PAR MINUTE by Robin Campillo
Featuring Adèle Haenel (Shooting Star France 2012)

RODIN by Jacques Doillon
Co-produced by Patrick Quinet (PoM Belgium 2003)

JUPITER'S MOON by Kornél Mundruczó
Produced by Victoria Petranyi (PoM Hungary 2003), executive produced by
Eszter Gyárfás (PoM Hungary 2014)

L'AMANT DOUBLE by François Ozon
Featuring Jérémie Renier (Shooting Star Belgium 2002)

THE SQUARE by Ruben Östlund
Produced by Erik Hemmendorff (PoM Sweden 2009)
Co-produced by Katja Adomeit (PoM Denmark 2015)

DJAM by Toni Gadlif
Featuring Daphne Patakia (Shooting Star Greece 2016)


A DROWNING MAN by Mahdi Fleifel
Co-produced by Maria Drandaki (PoM Greece 2008)


CARRE 35 by Eric Caravaca
Produced by Yaël Fogiel (PoM France 2000)


THE SUMMIT by Santiago Mitre
Featuring Elena Anaya (Shooting Star Spain 2004)
Produced (amongst other) by Didar Domehri (PoM France 2017)

FORTUNATA by Sergio Castellitto
Produced by Nicola Giuliano (PoM Italy 2005)
Featuring Italian Shooting Stars Stefano Accorsi (2001), Jasmine Trinca (2007), Alessandro Borghi (2017)

WESTERN by Valeska Grisebach
Produced by Janine Jackowski (PoM Germany 2009)
Co-produced Borislav Chouchkov (PoM Bulgaria 2011)

DIRECTIONS by Stephan Komandarev (PoM Bulgaria 2012)
Produced by Vladimir Anastasov (PoM FYRoM 2010)
Produced by Stephan Komandarev (PoM Bulgaria 2012)

OUT by Gyorgy Kristof
Produced by Ferenc Pusztai (PoM Hungary 2007), Marek Urban (PoM Slovakia 2015), Jiri Konecny (PoM Czech Republic 2008), co-produced by Andrea Taschler (PoM Hungary 2012).

APRÈS LA GUERRE by Annarita Zambrano
Co-produced by Emanuele Nespeca (PoM Italy 2016)
Line produced by Simone Bachini (PoM Italy 2010)
Associate produced by Dan Wechsler (PoM Switzerland 2011)


SICILIAN GHOST STORY by Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia
Produced by Nicola Giuliano (PoM Italy 2005)

LOS PERROS by Marcela Said
Associate produced by Dan Wechsler (PoM Switzerland 2011)
Co-produced by João Matos (PoM Portugal 2013)


FROST by Sharunas Bartas
Co-produced by Maria Blicharska (PoM Poland 2017)

JUST TO BE SURE by Carine Tardieu
Featuring Cecile de France (Shooting Star France 2003)
Produced by Antoine Rein (PoM France 2006)

THE INTRUDER by Leonardo Di Costanzo
Co-produced by Tiziana Soudani (PoM Switzerland 2000)

TEHRAN TABOO by Ali Soozandeh
Produced by Frank Geiger (Producers Lab Hamburg 2014)

COPA – LOCA (short film) by Christos Massalas
Co-produced by Giorgos Karnavas (PoM Greece 2013),
Konstantinos Kontovrakis (PoM Greece 2014)

A FÁBRICA DE NADA by Pedro Pinho
Produced by João Matos (PoM Portugal 2013)

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