Film Center Serbia

Koče Popovića 9/3
11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 11- 262 5131
Fax: +381 11- 263 4253
Mail: sr.scf@eciffo.scf

EFP Representative

Miroljub Vučković

Film Center Serbia

“The current moment of Serbian cinema does not promise a revolution (the times of revolutions are long gone–with the wind!) but indicates that we are approaching an impending turning point. A turning point of expression, as well as of perception of new films coming from Serbia. European Film Promotion is a point of gravity for various initiatives, numerous exchanges of knowledge and experience. Being a member of EFP presents a challenge and motivation for Serbian filmmakers.”
Miroljub Vučković


Facts and Figures (2018)
Population 7.05 m (2017)
Number of 100% national fiction feature films 8
Number of feature films co-productions maj. 5 / min. 10
Number of 100% national feature documentaries 10
Number of feature documentaries co-productions maj. 3 / min. 1
Number of shorts fiction 16 / documentary 21 / animated 9 / experimental 11
Admissions 4.476.043
National market share 19.30% (based on admissions inc. minority co-prod)
Cumulative box office in EURO 14.613.192
Number of screens 158
Number of digital screens 130
% of screens in multiplexes 23,41%
Average ticket price in EURO 3,6
Number of VOD platforms 3
List of VOD platforms SBB, Telekom Open IPTV, Magic Box

Film Center Serbia (FCS) is an institution based on the achievements of the highly respected Film Institute (1963-2004). FCS was established in 2004 under the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of strategic development and reconstruction of the Serbian film industry.

FCS was established:

- to creatively stimulate and administer financial support to Serbian cinema on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, through annual competitions for screenplay development, film production and postproduction.

- to allow for the distribution and copyright enforcement of the cinematic cultural heritage.

- to create better conditions for the professional advancement of all structures that make up the Serbian film industry.

FCS represents Serbian films and film industry at all major festivals and markets–including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Locarno, Pusan etc.

Film Center Serbia has been an EFP members since 2009.

Selected films

Directed by Miroslav Terzić
King Petar the First
Directed by Petar Ristovski
South Wind
Directed by Miloš Avramović

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