Slovak Film Institute

Grösslingová 32
811 09 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 2- 5710 1503
Fax: +421 2- 5296 3461
Mail: ks.ufs@ufs

EFP Representative

Rastislav Steranka

Slovak Film Institute

"With the recent increase in the Slovak film production and the growing international acclaim for numerous film titles, EFP's activities have become an even more essential and valuable tool to support the visibility of Slovak films worldwide.“
Rastislav Steranka

Facts & Figures (2018)

Population 5.4 million
Number of feature films produced 17 (5 majority and 12 minority co-productions)
Number of documentaries produced 14 (8 100% national, 4 majority and 2 minority co-productions)
Number of full-length animated films produced 2 (1 100% national, 1 majority co-prod.)
Number of co-productions maj. 10 / parity 0 / min. 14
Admissions 5.9 million
National Market Share 4.21% (including majority co-productions, 3.22% excluding majority co-productions
Screens total 267 (including 40 in multiplexes (8 and more screens), 85 in miniplexes (2-7 screens), 99 in single screen theatres, 25 open air theatres, 1 in travelling theatre, 16 in alternative spaces (one has 2 screens) and 1 in drive-in)
Major national film fund Slovak Audiovisual Fund (

The Slovak Film Institute (Slovenský filmový ústav, SFU) is the sole national film institution operating under the Slovak Ministry of Culture. SFU consists of the National Film Archive and the National Cinematographic Centre and is the seat of MEDIA Desk Slovakia.

The Slovak Film Institute
• collects, preserves and protects Slovak audiovisual heritage and presents it to the public. SFU is a member of FIAF since 2001;
• holds producer's rights to Slovak films made from 1895–1991 by national studios;
• provides services to professional and general public, such as audiovisual information service, Cinemathéque/Art-House Cinema Lumière, Book and Video Library, specialised book and DVD store;
• promotes Slovak films in Slovak Republic and abroad;
• supports the presentation of alternative and art-house programmes in Slovak Republic;
• runs specialised web sites:
Information Centre:
monthly journal:

The National Cinematographic Centre promotes Slovak films in Slovak Republic and abroad, organises film showings, provides information services related to Slovak cinema, and runs a publishing house (journals, promotion materials, books, DVDs).

The Slovak Film Institute has been an EFP member since 2006.

Selected films

Let There Be Light
Directed by Marko Škop
Silent Days
Directed by Pavol Pekarčík
The Good Death
Directed by Tomáš Krupa
Punk Never Ends!
Directed by Juraj Šlauka

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