Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual I.P. / ICA (Portugal)

Praça Bernardino Machado, 4
1750-042 Lisbon

Phone: +351 21- 323 0800
Fax: +351 21- 343 0891
Mail: tp.pi-aci@oriehnip.rotiv

EFP Representative

Vítor Manuel Pinheiro

Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual I.P. / ICA (Portugal)

“The EFP network plays a very important role in providing actors, producers and directors the possibility of promoting their work abroad. Not only within Europe’s frontiers but also worldwide. Otherwise it would be much harder for each of us to spread our cultural and artistic talents.”
Vítor Pinheiro

Facts & Figures (2018)
Population 10.3 million
Screens total 587
Admissions 14.8 million
Average ticket price $ 5,32
Cinema attendance per capita 1,4
National market share 1.9%
Number of feature films produced 43
Number of documentaries produced 20
Number of co-productions maj.10 / parity 0 / min. 2
Most important co-production countries France and Brazil
Number of national film distributors 24 (2018)

ICA–Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual–was created in 2007, succeeding ICAM (Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimedia). Responsible to the Ministry of Culture, ICA's main tasks are to support production, distribution, exhibition and promotion of Portuguese cinema and audiovisual products, within the country and abroad.

Providing ongoing financial support for independent production, ICA seeks to contribute to the construction of a solid and integrated industry in Portugal. For cinema and audio-visual production, this support embraces feature films (including co-productions), shorts, documentaries and animation.

ICA also supports the promotion of Portuguese cinema and audio-visual media in all international film festivals, as well as providing assistance to help to ensure the presence of producers at various events, in particular, the major markets of Cannes and Berlin. The Institute also supports Portugal's main national film festivals.

ICA provides the necessary logistical support for a wide range of activities whose goal is the increased exposure, valorization and dissemination of Portuguese cinema and audio-visual works.

ICA (former ICAM) has been an EFP member since 1997.

Selected films

Directed by Teresa Villaverde
Damned Summer
Directed by Pedro Cabeleira
The Nothing Factory
Directed by Pedro Pinho

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