Soul Food Stories

Category: documentary
Director: Tonislav Hristov
Country: Bulgaria, Finland
Year: 2013
Length: 69'
Production Status: completed


Satovcha is a small Bulgarian village with 2021 residents of different religious and ethnical groups (Orthodox Bulgarians, Muslim Turks, Pomacs and Evangelist Gypsies). People were divided by their past full of conflicts, but now they have find a way to each other through a simple medium - The Food. Now the plates on the table are loaded with pride, identity, common past and friendship, but all this comes with a price... "Soul Food Stories" seeks to explore not only why the food bring us together, but the many ways it could enrich our lives. At the same time it touches upon themes such as religion, the past and the reconciliation with it, the family and the kids, etc. Or as the director Tonislav Hristov puts it - "Soul Food isn't a film about the food itself. Soul food is the ritual of getting together around the table when each one of your friends brings his own spice in the sense of experiencing each other."

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