Battle of Tabatô, The

Category: feature
Director: João Viana
Country: Portugal
Year: 2013
Length: 83'
Production Status: completed


Praised by his daughter, Baio comes back to Guinea-Bissau 30 years after his exile. Fatu requires his presence for her wedding, a very dear day for her. She is marrying Idrissa, the famous singer of the Supercamarimba band. The ceremony is held in Tabatô, a village of musicians. As Baio returns to old places he once knew, memories of the war of independence are resurfacing. To put the war and its ghosts to rest, Idrissa will give a last battle... Offering a non-eurocentered view of contemporary Africa, The Battle of Tabatô gives a new approach of Guinea-Bissau political history. Furthermore, this long feature is a tribute to Madingo music. The Battle of Tabatô is a lyrical poem and a song for peace.

Participating Directors

João Viana Portugal (POM 2019)
João Viana

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