Class Enemy

Category: feature / drama
Director: Rok Biček
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2013
Length: 112'
Production Status: completed


In this compelling Slovenian debut, a group of teens blame their demanding new German teacher and his demeaning methods when one of their classmates commits suicide. As a colossal battle of wills unfolds at the high school, director Rok Bicek demonstrates an impressive control of tension and suspense, making each encounter between class and instructor crackle with the possibility of violence.
Bicek capitalizes on the differences in energy among the teens (carefully cast and rehearsed non-pros) and the adults (portrayed by professional thesps), while the generational divide between the students and the school administration reflects a general dissatisfaction within contemporary Slovenian society.
Positioning newcomer Robert (Igor Samobor) as a German teacher sets up his characterization as a Nazi by the kids, while his lessons from Thomas Mann comment on suicide in a way that not only antagonizes the students but gets them thinking.
— Alissa Simon, Variety

Participating Directors

Rok Biček Slovenia (POM 2019)
Rok Biček

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