Tallinn Spicy Sprats: The Canned Tales

Category: short / documentary
Director: Jaak Kilmi
Producer: Kiur Aarma
Country: Estonia
Year: 2011
Length: 48'
Production Status: completed


Jaak Kilmi & Kiur Aarma's fresh documentary tragicomedy Tallinn Spicy Sprats: the Canned Tales investigates the relationship between the city and its residents by recreating the personal stories and dreams of 12 ordinary people.
In the film, the stories of the living and dead, memories and city legends, children and skeletons meet. All these different stories are connected by a five-hundred-year-old murder story that occurred in old Tallinn. This old story - a story about justice and equality - is recreated for our camera by 12 ordinary Tallinn residents. This is story about a city that has attracted peasants escaping from serfdom, girls from small towns dreaming of jobs at the Tallinn Department Store, dropouts who trying working on construction sites during the real estate boom, and vulnerable artistic souls that felt stifled in their home villages. Not to mention all kinds of other wastrels and wheeler dealers, who have settled here at various times. All of them unanimously declare, "Yes! The city air makes one free!"

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