Category: feature
Director: Jan Hřebejk
Producer: Viktor Taus
Michal Kollár
Country: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Year: 2013
Length: 97'
Production Status: completed


Honeymoon takes place over a period of two days of a wedding celebration. The bride and groom - Tereza (Aňa Gaislerová) and Radim (Stanislav Majer) - make a fetching couple, despite the fact that both have already been married previously and still bear the scars. Tereza a broken heart, Radim an adolescent son. However, they are both willing to try again, and are convinced that this time it will work out. And it seems that the wedding celebrations taking place on a sunny day, in the company of their families in the home of the bride's parents, surrounded by romantic countryside, will truly be the most beautiful start to their life together. But... suddenly an uninvited guest appears at the wedding party. Jan Benda soon gains the favour of those present. The mothers and aunties pamper him, whilst the men generously fill him with drink. But who on earth is he? And where did he come from? Is he just a harmless stranger who makes a habit of mixing in with the crowd with the intention of getting a free meal? Or has he emerged from the past of one of the guests? And if so, of who? With Jan Benda at the wedding table, cracks begin to appear in the facade of the romance. Something must be done to get this man out as quickly as possible. Some secrets simply should not be revealed!

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