Good Wife, A

Category: feature
Director: Mirjana Karanović
Country: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2016
Length: 94'
Production Status: completed


A Serbian woman lives a peaceful suburban life until she discovers a video containing shocking footage of war crimes from her beloved husband's paramilitary days.
Idyllic domesticity masks dark, troubled pasts in this compelling mystery that marks the directorial debut of acclaimed actress Mirjana Karanović (Cabaret Balkan, Underground). Milena (played by Karanović) lives in Belgrade with her husband Vlada (Boris Isakovic) and the two have a deeply loving and trusting relationship. This bliss is shattered when she is diagnosed with breast cancer, and soon after discovers footage implicating her husband in war crimes. Burdened by this knowledge, Milena must decide whether she will stay loyal to her husband, or see that justice is served. Karanović's riveting performance is key to A Good Wife, which gives universal resonance to Serbia's troubled recent history.

'A classically styled directorial debut for acclaimed actress-turned-helmer Mirjana Karanović... Brave on many levels...' -Variety

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