Eat Sleep Die

Category: feature / drama
Director: Gabriela Pichler
Country: Sweden
Year: 2012
Length: 104'
Production Status: completed


Ever wondered who packs the fresh plastic-sealed salad you are having for lunch? Who the people losing their factory jobs in dead end small towns would be? Ready for a visit to the "new" Sweden? When the forceful young Muslim Swedish/Balkan "take-no-shit" factory worker Raša loses her job, she faces the system of unemployment. With no high school diploma, no job - but her boots deeply stained with the mud of the small town she grew up in - Raša finds herself on collision course with society and it's contradictable values and expectations. First time amateur actors play all of the main characters in the film.

Director's Statement
I wanted to make a film about the people I have always loved, but was sometimes ashamed to be part of. Sweden has an uneasy relationship with its self-image that has to come to terms with its status as an immigration and asylum country.
I want to be part of the process of redefining Sweden's national identity. Someone like Raša, an intense, cocky, straight-forward Muslim working class girl who doesn't give a shit of what others think about her is an obvious challenge to the way Swedes have traditionally seen themselves.
Raša's story has a lot to do with her own identity and the way people see her, but it also plays out against the background of experiences many young people have in the ongoing European economic crisis with high unemployment and increasing internal contradictions within society.
But just as importantly I wanted to develop a more personal topic and show the kind of portrait of a father-daughter relationship hat I never got to see on screen when I was a young girl.

Participating Shooting Stars

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