Category: feature
Director: Viktor Taus
Producer: Viktor Taus
Michal Kollár
Co-Producer: Donato Rotunno
Country: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Finland, Luxembourg
Year: 2014
Length: 120'
Production Status: completed


In the beginning of their careers OSKAR, MAX and VIKTOR created a superstar clown trio Busters. Their clowneries personified little islands of freedom in the midst of a motionless swamp of resignation during the communist regime of the former Czechoslovakia. However, an explosive disagreement broke the three clowns apart. As it turns out, the clowns beloved by the nation can't stand each other since then.
Now, after thirty years of immigration Oskar returns to end his artistic career in Prague. The meeting with his former friends leads to an unavoidable confrontation. Will the glimmer of the former sunshine days create a spark that will set them on fire again? Even after all this time the question remains the same: Who will have the last laugh?
Clownwise is a film about love and farewell. About the possibility or impossibility of forgiveness. It is about how difficult it is to create a group that together makes an almost perfect being which in its sum stretches out way beyond all of its parts. The film ask itself whether the close proximity of death, the insight into the physical finality, can lead to the reconnection of this being. Whether it's possible to re-tie the torn connections, to heal the old wounds... and forgive.

Participating Producers

Participating Directors

Donato Rotunno
Viktor Taus
Viktor Taus
Michal Kollár

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