Category: feature
Director: Juanita Wilson
Producer: Nathalie Lichtenthaeler
Co-Producer: Lena Rehnberg
Vladimir Anastasov
Robert Naskov
Country: Ireland, Republic of North Macedonia, Sweden
Year: 2010
Length: 109'
Production Status: completed


AS IF I AM NOT THERE is a story of a young woman from Sarajevo whose life is shattered the day a young soldier walks into her apartment and tells her to pack her things.
Rounded up with the other women from the village and imprisoned in a warehouse in a remote region of Bosnia, she quickly learns the rules of camp life. The day she is picked out to 'entertain' the soldiers, the real nightmare begins.
Stripped of everything she ever had and facing the constant threat of death, she struggles against all the hatred she sees around her. In a final act of courage or madness, she decides to make one last stand: to dare to be herself. And this simple act saves her life.
It's when she realises that surviving means more than staying alive that she has to make a decision that will change her life forever.


'As If I Am Not There' is not a war story; it is a story about love. About the power of love to transcend the darkest evil that lurks in man's heart. Love that is more powerful than the instinct to survive.

This is a contemporary European story about a young, urban woman whose life is shattered when she is caught up in the Bosnian war. Captured and taken away from everything she has ever known, she has to learn to survive with nothing but her mind to escape from the hell she finds herself in. She has to constantly battle to retain a shred of humanity in the face of such absolute hatred.

In this film, the characters face many challenges and are stripped down to their essential humanity and, in their beauty and dignity, we find hope for all humanity.


Selected in Variety's Top Ten Directors to watch 2011
Irish Film and Television Awards
Irish Film and Television Awards
• Best Screenplay
• Best Director
• Best Film
Toronto IFF
Dublin IFF
Berlin IF
• Cinema For Peace Nomination
• Most Valuable Film of the Year
Sarajevo IF
• Katrin Cartlidge Screening
Palm Springs IF
Cairo IF
• Silver Pyramid
Istanbul IFF
• FACE Award
Phoenix Film Festival
• Best Picture
Boston IF
Atlanta IFF
Newport Beach IFF
Seattle IFF
• Audience Award for Best Actress (N. Petrovic)
Long Island International Film Expo
• Best Feature Film
Rhode Island IFF
• Best Feature Film
Moondance IFF
• Best Feature Film
End of Pier International Film Festival
• Best Director
• Best Performance (N. Petrovic)

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