Louise Michel

Category: feature
Director: Benoît Delépine
Gustave Kervern
Country: France
Year: 2008
Length: 94'
Production Status: completed


A factory somewhere in French Picardie.
A few months after a downsizing, the female workers are on the alert. On this day, the director calls in them for a little surprise, brand new scrubs in this case, with their forenames embroidered on.. .
A gift that puts everyone at rest. Hope is back. Before they get back home, around ten workers celebrate the event at the corner café. On the next morning, it's a consternation: machines, offices, everything has been cleared off during the night. The management is on the loose, accomplice of a swift outsourcing. Total disenchantment. Gathered in the café where they were the day before, the union delegate announces the amount of their compensation: 2000 euros each, against 40 years spent working in the factory. Scandalized but realists, they decide to pool this money in order to finance a redeployment project. Several ideas are considered: creating a new company, taking over a trade.. . But nothing arouses their enthusiasm.

Una fábrica en algún lugar de la Picardía francesa. Una mañana, las trabajadoras descubren que durante la noche, lo han liquidado todo y que la dirección, cómplice de la operación, ha desaparecido sin dejar rastro. Escandalizadas, pero realistas, deciden hacer un fondo común con sus ridículas indemnizaciones para reorganizarse. Se consideran varias propuestas hasta que Louise, la más radical de todas, propone, ni más ni menos que contratar a un asesino a sueldo para que mate al jefe.
Louise, the wildest of all, opens up her mouth.
She has a workable & affordable idea: to hire a professional hitman to kill the boss ! Unanimous agreement.
She is in charge of finding the hitman.
She is about to choose the most pathetic killer of his generation: Michel.
Together, they will hunt down the rogue boss.
Their trip will lead them from Amiens to Brussels to end up in a faraway tax haven.
A half anarchist, half burlesque adventure that will conclude with a nice baby, though not at all conceived as they are usually supposed to be...

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