The Stranger in Me

Category: feature
Director: Emily Atef
Producer: Hanneke van der Tas
Nicole Gerhards
Country: Germany
Year: 2008
Length: 99'
Production Status: completed


A young couple in love: Rebecca (32) and her boyfriend Julian (34) are expecting their first child and are full of pleasant expectation. As Rebecca gives birth to a healthy boy their luck seems to be perfect. but instead of the unconditional motherly love she was expecting, she is thrown into an emotional turmoil. helplessness and desperation reign and her own baby is a stranger to her. With every day that passes, her inability to meet the demands of motherhood become more and more apparent. Unable to admit this to anyone, not even Julian, she falls into a deep darkness - to the point that she realizes she is becoming a threat to her child.
After a break down, Rebecca is sent to a clinic. Slowly she begins to long for the touch, smell and laughter of her child. An awakening, perhaps, of the mother inside her.

Participating Producers

Hanneke van der Tas

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