Love Life

Category: feature
Director: Maria Schrader
Country: Germany, Israel
Year: 2007
Length: 109'
Production Status: completed


Jara Korman's life seems to be in perfect order: she's pretty and healthy, has a nice husband, a beautiful home and the best prospects for a career at the university.

But when she meets Arie, an old, long-lost friend of her father's, her ideal world starts to get out of control. From the moment she sees Arie, she is drawn to the erotic aura of this mysterious and egocentric man. She follows him, offers herself to him and waits for a sign of his affection. She allows herself to be humiliated and tyrannized by him. At times he is desirous of her, then he casts her aside, always testing the power of her love.

In the whirlwind of this 'amour fou', Jara tears down all the walls of her existence and begins a journey in search of herself and her own history, for she realizes that her former life has been a lie and that her parents are harboring a secret, to which Arie is the key.

Participating Directors

Maria Schrader

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