I Am from Titov Veles

Category: feature
Director: Teona Strugar Mitevska
Producer: Labina Mitevska
Diana Elbaum
Country: Republic of North Macedonia, Belgium, France, Slovenia
Year: 2007
Length: 102'
Production Status: completed


We are three sisters : Sapho, Slavica, and I.
Sapho is the youngest, she plays handball and goes out with men, many men. I, Afrodita, am her older twin. We do not much look alike, but we feel. I do not speak, I never did. Slavica is our older sister, she has been on a methadone therapy for nine years now.
In Titov Veles, there is a lead factory that Tito built in the time of social democracy as he called it. Kids with two heads and seven fingers are born, middle-aged men die prematurely, women get cancer.
I am a virgin. I do not like anyone and besides, we are busy looking for a suitable husband for Slavica. Sapho spends her Mondays waiting for her papers at the Greek Embassy in Skopje. She is almost there, she says.

Photo © 2003 Jana Lulovska

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