Three Rooms of Melancholia, The

Category: feature
Director: Pirjo Honkasalo
Producer: Amedeo Pagani
Country: Finland, Denmark, Sweden
Year: 2004
Length: 106'
Production Status: completed


The Chechen war is the setting for the film. The inability of adults to resolve the
war gives rise to a generation who believe that hatred originates from them.
There is no need to seek its causes. They are accompanied throughout their life
by an inexplicable melancholia and sudden outbursts of rage.
The film shows Russian children on Kronstadt, an island that lies before St Petersburg
where there is a military school for orphaned children. They are being
trained as child soldiers. The imagined enemy is the Chechen. He is the foe
whose utter defeat turns a soldier into a hero of the Fatherland.
In Chechnya, Xhadizhat Gataeva's family now consists of 63 orphans for whom
Xhadizhat has vowed to act as mother. She has brought them together from the
ruins of a devastated Grozny. Almost all of their parents were killed by the Russians.
Xhadizhat herself was placed in a Russian children's home in Grozny at
the age of six .

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