Category: feature
Director: Ramon Termens
Carles Torras
Country: Spain
Year: 2004
Length: 100'
Production Status: completed


Jordi Vilanove, an ambition 25 year old, has begun to work for a stock dealer in Barcelona. In order to be a stockbroker he has to show his mastery of the market in one week. At first the investments he makes turn out to be perfect but one bleak day Jordi loses everything and decides to take the risk of investing in an arms firm. Cristina Puigmarti (the daughter of the manager of the company) goes out with her friends to celebrate her birthday. During the night they go round different bars and discos. Alcohol and drugs mingle with provocation and frenzy. Pau Vilanova, Jordi's younger brother goes back to their village after a Saturday partying in Barcelona. During the morning he meets up with his group of mates, whose only concern is not to get bored and kill time with acts of hooliganism.

Participating Directors

Carles Torras  (POM 2019)
Carles Torras

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