Nina of the Wolves

Category: feature
Country: Italy
Year: 2023
Length: 104'
Production Status: completed


A sudden solar storm renders any electronic equipment across the planet inoperable. On the same day, a newborn baby called Nina is found on the mountain near a small remote town. After the catastrophic and mysterious atmospheric event that everyone calls "the disaster", civilization as we know it crumbles, resources are scarce and the law of the strongest applies everywhere and among human beings. In this desolation, however, Nina''s town miraculously remains a world apart, its few inhabitants live a life without technology and Nina grows up with a strong bond with nature, which not even she herself can understand and which leads her to be seen by many as a witch because of the strange phenomena that occur in her presence. But when a gang of marauders invades the country, brutally decimating the population and subjugating the survivors, Nina, now a teenager, manages to escape into the woods, learn survival in the mountains and coexistence with wolves, and understand the powers she has within herself to save his people.

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