Category: feature
Director: Carolina Cavalli
Country: Italy, France
Year: 2022
Length: 93'
Production Status: completed


Amanda, 24, has just returned to her hometown, where her family lives: she feels nothing in common with them, except with her eight year-old niece and her childhood nanny. Amanda has never had any friends. She doesn''t feel comfortable around people her age, particularly with the image she has created in her mind of the daughters of her mom’s upper-class friends, like Rebecca (with whom she was close as a toddler). One day she is forced to visit Rebecca, who turns out to be very different from the lies their mothers told each other in attempts to depict two happy, successful girls. Rebecca never leaves her bedroom and doesn''t want any contact with the outside world. Undeterred, Amanda manages to exhaust Rebecca into letting her enter her room and become her friend. Amanda’s life changes completely, she starts to feel more at ease and confident in life; she even finds the courage to ask a boy out and abandons her tiny hotel room which is paid for by her parents. The friendship between the two is derailed by the presence of Rebecca''s therapist who stops Amanda from visiting her patient and convinces Rebecca to stay away from her; the two girls get in a huge fight. But when Amanda is humiliated by the guy she considered her boyfriend, Rebecca finally leaves the house to take revenge for her friend.

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