Employee of the month

Category: feature
Director: Véronique Jadin
Country: Belgium
Year: 2022
Length: 78'
Production Status: completed


INES (47) is the mainstay of EcoCleanPro, a small wholesale household products company. She gives herself, body and soul, to her boss PATRICK (55), for the love of a job well done. Although PATRICK is proud of his 1992 Manager of the Year award, the laziness of his employees, JEAN-PAUL and JEAN-PIERRE, is only matched by the boastfulness of NICO, the tiresome salesman. Under the blasé gaze of the new trainee, MELODY (24), the marketing phrases of the Benelux manager, ANNA NILSSON (55), open a new mental space for Ines: she is the only one who never gets a raise, even though she works harder than the others. Is it because she is the only woman in this boy's club? Ines musters her courage and, for the first time, insists but Patrick dismisses her in two sentences. Ines has been fooled again and her frustration turns into anger. Xanax and Viagra won't help. Ines wants her raise and EcoClean is going to pay cash for years of exploitation. Melody's internship will finally prove to be very instructive...

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