The Hunt

Category: feature
Director: Marco Bocci
Country: Italy
Year: 2022
Length: 90'
Production Status: in production


Giorgio is a man forced into a life beyond his means by a demanding family; Mattia is a successful artist who lives in the city center of Rome with her companion whom he supports; Silvia is a girl with a troubled past of drug abuse who has decided to become the mother of a baby who''s not hers; Luca is the owner of a luxury car showroom, with a passion for gambling. At the death of their father, the foursome will have to come to terms with the murder of their mother at the hands of their father, and with financial woes. Everything that had allowed them until then to live their lives without economic worries had happened thanks only to their father who had secretly pulled all the strings from the shadows; with his death they will soon be faced with dramatic situations. Therefore they finally accept a challenge launched by Luca: a hunting expedition in the woods, of the kind they used to go on as children. The one who catches the biggest prey will automatically win the right to keep the entire inheritance. But during this hunt, things won''t go as smoothly as imagined, Silvia accidentally kills Mattia, and that triggers a no-holds-barred struggle for survival that spares no one.

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