Snabba Cash

Category: tv
Director: Jesper Ganslandt
Country: Sweden
Year: 2021
Length: 50'
Production Status: completed


Leya, a widow with a young child, works a day job at a Middle Eastern restaurant, as she struggles to keep her burgeoning tech start-up from going under. She turns to a petty criminal, Marcus, for a loan, which is rapidly coming due. At the same time, Leya crosses paths and begins a romantic relationship with Salim, a wedding singer, who moonlights as a member of a local drug ring led by Ravy (uncle to Leya's son). As the clock ticks on her loan, Leya receives an offer from a tech mogul which would save her startup - but it comes with conditions which she cannot fulfil. As she contemplates asking Ravy for the money - an idea she knows will come back to haunt her - the pressure mounts, and the stakes become clear: Leya is faced with a classic dilemma - making a deal with the devil to save her startup but one which would suck her deeper into a seedy criminal world. A powerful central performance by Ahmad (Leya) combined with an edgy cinéma vérité style create a sense of impending revelation and doom in the worlds of the rich, powerful, criminal and corrupt in Snabba Cash.

Image © Netflix

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