Tsugua Diaries

Category: feature
Director: Miguel Gomes
Maureen Fazendeiro
Country: Portugal
Year: 2021
Length: 102'
Production Status: completed


Crista, Carloto and João are building an airy greenhouse for butterflies in the garden. The three of them share household routines, day after day in a secluded country retreat. It's sunny, hot and humid and everything moves at a leisurely pace. Over 22 days beginning in August of 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, the film follows our three protagonists as well as a group of seemingly random people but who are actually the film's crew - and, at times, even the directors - in this infectious summer tale that blurs the line between cinema and reality. In this film within a film, the story unfolds backwards, gradually revealing the motivations and points of view driving the endeavor. A wistful and sunny docu-fiction, The Tsugua Diaries wittily evokes the volatile mood swings of lockdown and how concentrated time with the same people can yield either annoyance or vibrant closeness from day to day, particularly under the glare of a sticky-sweet hot summer sun.

Image © O Som e a Fúria, Uma Pedra no Sapato

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