Category: tv
Director: Kaspar Munk
Country: Denmark
Year: 2021
Length: 30'
Production Status: completed


"We're crashing. I love you. Do what you want. Dad". With this harrowing text message from her father, 18-year old Julie is left alone in a massive empty house, as her affluent parents and her older brother all die in a plane crash. From a girl who seemingly had it all, - the "perfect" life with loving parents and an older brother she is close to, a massive seaside mansion, 159,000 loyal Instagram followers for her fashion and makeup posts and flesh and blood friends, too - she becomes a girl determined to end her life in the same way her family died. She hops from plane to plane, jet-setting around the world on her family's seemingly limitless credit card, pushing herself right to the edge, distracted by the occasional questionable fling - and ultimately forced to reflect on why she wants what she wants. With a moving and nuanced lead performance, the film, based on the book Muleum by Erlend Loe, invites the audience to think along with Julie about what is really important in life.

Image © Åsmund Sollihøgda

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