Category: feature
Director: Clara Roquet
Country: Spain, Belgium
Year: 2021
Length: 104'
Production Status: completed


Libertad is a story about identity and family, and about a world that is coming to an end. It's also about mothers and daughters, and the traumas that pass from generation to generation, together with the stories we tell, stories that make us who we are. But more than anything, it's about two girls from different worlds breaking the social class barrier through friendship, coming of age at the same time, even though their struggles are completely different. Nora will struggle against her crumbling world, and Libertad will struggle against a classist society in which freedom and dignity seem to be attainable only for those who have the means to afford them. Even though the power dynamics that usually come with the interaction of different social classes will be inverted — Libertad, the daughter of the caregiver, will have more emotional power over Nora — in the end, the clas - sist order of the world will impose itself over the girls and Nora will end up going back to her world of privilege, as Libertad goes back to an uncertain future.

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