A Girl Returned - L' Arminuta

Category: feature
Director: Giuseppe Bonito
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Length: 100'
Production Status: in production


Summer 1975, a 13-year-old girl, suitcase in one hand and a bag of shoes in the other, knocks at an unknown door. Her sister Adriana opens it, her eyes wrinkled, her braids unraveled: they've never seen each other before. So begins the story of a teenager who lost everything overnight: a comfortable home, her closest friends, the unconditional love of her parents - or rather the people she believed were her parents. For "l'Arminuta" (the returned girl) as her peers called her, a new and very different life begins, from the adoptive family to her real one, going from wealth to poverty, both material and moral. Her new home is small, dark, there are brothers everywhere and little food on the table for everyone. But there's Adriana, who shares a bed with her. And there's Vincenzo, who looks at her as if she were already a woman.

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