Category: short
Director: Jerry Hoffmann
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Length: 27'
Production Status: completed


Somewhere in the near future, withdrawn Noé is out in the forest one day and finds a motionless figure lying on the ground. She realises this isn't a human being at all but a perfectly formed female android. Noé takes the robotic body home with her, she repairs it, charges its battery, and ELA comes to life. The coexistence of two different entities presents certain problems even though the machine tries its best to solve them. For one thing, it starts to imitate Noé's behaviour... A film that raises all sorts of questions which, in today's world, might seem infinitely remote, yet also uncomfortably relevant. Can artificial intelligence replace human empathy? Can we understand others without being able to relate to them? Isn't "now" that moment which separates the familiar present from the unexplored, perhaps terrifying future?

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