A Year Full Of Drama

Category: documentary
Director: Marta Pulk
Producer: Paul Piik
Country: Estonia
Year: 2019
Length: 106'
Production Status: completed


A job advert with a difference: seeking someone who's never been to the theatre to watch every production in one small country for a whole year. The successful candidate is a small-town girl from a Russian-speaking family (a fact that puts her on the periphery of Estonian society). Alissija hasn't been to the theatre since she was a small child, so she's about to immerse herself in and document a world she knows nothing about. It's not just the performing arts that are new to Alissija; she'll also be moving to Estonia's capital, Tallinn, and living away from family. As the months pass, she experiences everything from farce to the classics, and ends up questioning theatre's place in the world, as well as her unique role. Alissija's curious and courageous theatrical journey - 224 shows in 365 days (matinees included) - turns out to be a life-changing and true coming-of-age story.

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