Reach the Sky

Director: Milutin Darić
Country: Montenegro
Year: 2019
Length: 84'
Production Status: completed


Harmony in the life of Milutin, a middle-aged man, disappears, when his wife Magdalena finds herself in a car accident, defending with her body her five-year-old son that Milutin was entrusted to take care of. Magdalena becomes immobile. The love between Milutin and Magdalena has always been strong, and it remains such. Misfortunes never come alone, hence, Milutin does not succeed in avoiding social and social-political turbulence. Milutin has a difficult task before him - to preserve the domestic idyll and to take care of the thing he cherishes the most - Magdalena and the happiness of their son Jakov, relying only on righteous disposition and favorable circumstances. Maybe the return to the village will solve many of their problems. The love between Milutin, a physically sound person, and Magdalena, who remained immobile circumstantially, is such that the happiest and the healthiest would envy them. This is what makes this film authentic, new and lasting. The film, among other things, nurtures and promotes the most precious human values.

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