The Matchmaker

Category: feature
Director: Jeroen Houben
Country: The Netherlands, Belgium
Year: 2018
Length: 92'
Production Status: completed


Chris travels the world as a stock photographer and enjoys his life to the fullest. When new business becomes scarce and his bank account bottoms out, he is forced to return to the place where he hadn't been for years: at home. The active Marja doesn't believe her eyes when her son suddenly stands at the doorstep. Chris has to get used to the village community and wants to leave again as soon as possible. That's why he immediately takes on a new job: a promotion for a dating site. He thinks that his single mother can use a new relationship and - without her knowing - he makes a video. Once online, it turns out to be a huge hit and messages from excited men are flooding in. After some hesitation Marja decides to go into the dating adventure, with her son as dating coach! In the search for the ideal candidate, mother and son are confronted with themselves, each other and events from the past. Slowly but surely, Chris starts to see his home and his mother with new eyes again, and for both, love comes unexpectedly...

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