Category: feature
Director: Aik Karapetian
Country: Latvia
Year: 2017
Length: 90'
Production Status: completed


Francis, a middle-aged man, and Katrina, have a difficult marriage because of their incapacity to have children. One day on their return from an event, a young man begins to harass them, and humiliates Katrina in front of her husband and robs them. Because of her disappointment with her husband's inaction, their relationship soon begins to deteriorate. Francis finds the offender on an abandoned construction site and invites him to apologize to his wife in return for some money. Armands, the assaulter takes the money, but refuses to fulfil his promise and a conflict erupts between the both men. As a result, the young man falls into a construction pit and dies, but Francis ensures that his name is absent from the story of Armands' death. Katrina soon announces that she's pregnant. It seems that their perfect relationship cannot be endangered by anything until he notices the connection between Armands' death and his wife's pregnancy. His paranoia worsens when he receives an anonymous parcel with the things that had been stolen.

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