Operation Goldenshell

Category: feature
Director: Antonio Cuadri
Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Length: 101'
Production Status: completed


With the San Sebastian Film Festival as his backdrop, a bankrupt movie producer tries to trick a millionairess into investing in his project by using a double of internationally famous actor Ray Silvela. Marcos Ruiz de Aldazábal (Karra Elejalde) is a ruthless businessman and owner of bankrupt production company Urumea Productions L.L.C. Using the San Sebastian Film Festival to his advantage, manipulative con artist Marcos plans to fool a millionairess to invest in his business by hiring a double of Ray Silvela (Jordi Mollá), a prestigious American/Cuban actor, who Pamela greatly admires. "Operation Golden Shell" is a hustler comedy set in the wonderfully glamorous context of the San Sebastian Film Festival. This fast-paced con movie boasts all the best ingredients of the genre: mobsters, charmers, betrayals, romance, heartbreak, suspense... and all with the love of movies as its back-drop.

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